Online Dating For Dummies

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Online Dating For Dummies. Date online and find the perfect mate. Looking for that special someone? This friendly guide provides practical, proven strategies for everything from selecting the right dating site and establishing your internet identity to building your profile and protecting your privacy. You'll see how to easily make the transition from e-mail to phone to meeting in person.

Online Dating for Dummies

Discover how to:
  • Choose an online dating service
  • Write an honest, flattering description
  • Respond to potential dates
  • Know who the frauds are
  • Cultivate a relationship online
  • Stay safe when meeting face to face

Includes special offers* from these dating sites:
  • Yahoo! Personals: 25% off the first month
  • Free 10-day trial
  • Buy one month, get a second month free
  • Buy a three-month subscription, get a fourth month free
  • Free 7-day trial
  • Free sign-up, plus a 25% bonus on a first purchase
  • $20 off a VIP membership
  • One, free trial membership

Author: Judy Silverstein (Author), Michael Lasky (Author)
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You Save: $2.47 (15%)

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social network designer said...

Its so great of you to share this book. I need one copy.

Lanzarote Travel Guide said...

How to get a copy of this book. I am living in Canada.

Jack Strawman said...

Looks like a good book. I already met my wife online, so I don't know if I need this book. But it might have helped a few years ago, because I went on some pretty lousy dates prior to "the one". However, maybe it will help me meet a nice mistress.

baby gifts said...

Not only are people 30 years old and younger signing up for online dating services memberships in record numbers, so are people much older than that. For those who are over the age of 40, you are all welcome and still can join in signing up online dating. So if you're a little more, shall we say, mature, you'll be pleasantly surprised to find yourself in good company on an online dating service website.

car insurance  said...

I dont believe in online dating. I believe in true love than dating

dinner dates said...

Online dating had been quite a trend for some time now, believe it or not even people with the age of 50 above are also signing up for this site taking the risk to find their special someone whom they had been searching for a long time

free uk dating said...

When starting to date again, it is common to go back to places you are familiar with as its your security blanket, but think about venturing out to try something new and have been wanting to do but for one reason or another you didn’t make it. Why not discover new hobbies which you never expected to enjoy, travelling to somewhere you have always wanted to visit? When people venture back into the world of dating, they are often pleasantly surprised by the variety of new experiences they find themselves exposed to because new people bring new introductions.

Single's party London said...

Book looks great, online dating has become a norm, and is gaining in acceptability.

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