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Match affinity, new matchmaking site from the creator of This site offers you the best compatible match for you. What is Match Affinity?

First time you sign up to match affinity, you'll be needed to complete a lot of psychological tests. It took me about 45 minutes to complete all the answers, but this is all the pain full step you have to finish. After that, you can see the result. Match Affinity test your personality in depth and compare it with another person, so you will have more shorter time to find your best match.

Just I finish all the questions, i go directly to see the match, and bingo... i found some and i can see the person's profile as well, then again you have to pay if you want to see the person's picture, but anyway it gives match affinity another plus vote from me. Well, I don't care if i have to pay to find my match.

This is what they offer:

On MatchAffinity, we look at what makes you the person you are: your values, the way you live your life and the way you interact with others... and then we show you the people to whom we think you are well suited.
You don't need to search through a database of millions of members: we will suggest highly compatible matches for you!

How Much:
It's a bit difficult to find the subscription cost at match affinity and here they are..
3-month Subscription €39,00 / month invoiced in one payment of €117,00
6-month Subscription €29,00 / month invoiced in one payment of €174,00
12-month Subscription €19,00 / month invoiced in one payment of €228,00

It's worth to try and i give 8 out of 10.

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social network designer said...

Hmmm well this site is really new for me. Thank you very much for the share.

Hannah Simmons said...

If I haven't met life partner from an Atlanta matchmaker, I would have registered for this site.

I'll share this with my friends who are in need of life-long partners. :)

Healthcare Consulting Company said...

Match Affinity is an excellent site. I am a member of this site.

car insurance  said...

Match affinity is an excellent site for dating. I joined one month back.

pozycjonowanie poznan said...

Oh, I've never heard about this site. Thanks for sharing

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