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Intercultural marriage, known also as cross-cultural marriage are becoming commonplace nowadays. Sometime intercultural marriage are also known as international marriage, that's when you met someone from a different country with different culture and then decide to live together. Doing intercultural marriage is not easy, many obstacle are along the way. Say that you met someone from a different country online, you feel that this person is someone perfect for you, are you sure?

Before saying "I do", here are some of most intercultural marriage's problem:

  1. Religions
    Different religions can lead to disaster, specially when someone from both of your family member is really into it and how do you guys are going to get along with different point of view? Another questions are how are you guys going to have the wedding ceremonies? What religion does your children are going to choose? Religion's holiday? Ceremonies? Etc etc etc. Well you can be liberal and be supportive on your partner's religion, but still there is a possibility of disasters. For your consideration, in some country, people are not allowed to do different religion marriage.
  2. Personality
    One of the most important things in marriage is how do you handle different personality spouse. Different background may have a great personality differences or maybe a type of personality that you've never seen or experiences before. Just be honest on your personality so you both know what to expect at each other. If you think you can't handle your partner's personality, then stop. Don't try to force yourself or you will have a big problem in the future.
  3. Settlement
    Where are you going to live? If you decide to live in your partner's country, you have to start asking the authority on how you are going live there. Sometime it's difficult to have the permission. Example, my sister in law marriage a man from Germany, now he lives in Indonesia but he doesn't have Indonesian citizenship, he only have working visa means every 3 moths he has to go back to Germany and renew his visa. Fortunately he work here at German's company so he doesn't have to pay all the expenses by himself.
  4. Languages
    If you find someone from your country which have different culture, that's ok. You both can speak the same language. The problem is when you met someone from different country which also have different language. The problem will be arise when one of you have difficulties of expressing your feeling and I tell you that this is sometime very stressing.
  5. Habits
    As we know that building someone habits most likely from childhood experiences. If you meet someone from different country or culture, you will likely find a different habits from your partner. How are you going to handle that?

But beside the difficulties, intercultural marriage is also exciting. You have a chance to learn a new culture even a new language. Many have failed but many have a very successful intercultural marriage.

The point is, if you want to have a successful long-term intercultural marriage, just be honest and not to have too much expectation on your partners. Try to be more liberal and open minded. Like every relationship, how do you communicate to each other is the most important issues to have a long term and successful relationship.

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