How to Survive Long Distance Relationship

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Love knows no boundaries, wherever you are, it could blossom in just about any possible part in this world. Therefore, many different couples appear separated by distance, rivers, mountains, sea, or continent. Such couples have their own challenges. But long-distance relationship has more to add up. And that kind of relationship needs extra energy to work it out, or it would easily fall apart and left a big hole in your heart. True love is always goes along with trust to make it works. Before that happens, here are some tips on how to survive long distance relationship:

  1. Maintaining Good Communication
    The remarkable development of technology nowadays is only to make our lives much easier. Now we can communicate in so many ways. Although you both live in different area, post code, country or even continents, many communication alternatives could be taken. Besides the phone, you can also use the sophistication of Internet chat. You can send photos, videos, etc. is possible to share. Moreover, the cost is also much cheaper. You have no more reason to delay to communicate what you're feeling and/or thinking. Because strong communication is the best way to strengthen the foundation of your relationship. With the long distance situation, you might have doubts, questions or anything to confirm your thoughts. Communicate yourself better to your lover through tangible and intangible ways to get connected. If you are not able to 'touch' them in person, you can always 'touch' them in the ears, mind and heart.

    Compromise with them regarding the frequency. Sometimes distance can also affect the time differences. Set a schedule of communication like voice call or video phone to adjust your work and rest schedule. You e-mail them about what you're doing daily or when you just want to share them something. Treat it like a diary to keep them informed about your activity that he/she can not able to involve to.

    Beside the electronic communications, regular mail by post is always be more personal and romantic. You can spray you perfume to add some intimate messages to them. Living far away from home sometimes can make people homesick. You can send them some of his/her favorite food back from home. Check with the post office and shipping company before you do. Or you can send them his favorite grandma's lasagna recipes.
  2. Make a surprise!
    Sometimes something surprising or unpredictable can spice up your relationship. You can take advantage of shipping services. Sending flowers to congratulate them on their new project or the new apartment can be a romantic longing bidders. Or you could book a flight and surprise them. Just remember that according you good communication with them through manual or electronic mails, you can get an assumption about their activity, so you could get a picture on their schedules. Make it a short visit and left them hanging on the feeling of missing you and get new energy and spirit to work better to get home soon to be with you.
  3. Rules are Important
    Long-Distance relationship needs some extra ground rules of communication to set. Being not able to meet them in person sometimes can be a tricky situation to handle. To avoid misunderstandings and awkward situations, you and your partner needs to compromise on some specific communication guide-lines. For example, regular schedule of get-together, daily or weekly phone calls, holiday's meeting, and various other rules that you two need to discuss furthermore. believe it or not, a regular schedule of direct and indirect communication will make you maintain and strengthen your relationship.Remember that any kind of relationship takes hard work and solid team work to maintain a healthy bonding and improve both your lives psychologically and physically.
  4. Anticipate all possibility
    Long-distance relationships whether you want it or not must have each own delicate factors to handle. For example, you are going to have the schedule of getting together in this weekend, but your spouse/partner has a work meeting schedule. This is where good communications takes place to substitute or you can easily adjust with it. You can delay or cancel the get together agenda and reschedule it early next time. Understanding of his/her work schedule also will gain trust and respect to each other. Support your spouse/partner at the best way you can give. Once again, communicate every possible matter with him/her.
  5. Trust and Tolerance
    With all of the delicate matter of not being able to see each other easily like other couple, long-distance relationship needs more efforts on maintaining communication. When you committed to this kind of relationship, you were also committed to all other difficulties possibilities. Positive thinking is the most important rule to adjust along with it. You wouldn't want to fight all the time when one of you or even both of you have too much negativity of their well-being.

    If you want to know something about them, you can easily ask. Whatever that pops in you mind, just elaborate them with good will, that you want to understand them even more. Trusting someone your heart needs the exact same strength in trusting yourself.

    Emotional statements is a delicate matter to control. But yet again, nothing is impossible. Before you deal with others, you need to deal it with yourself first. Do not let your emotion blinded your sight. When you feel or think about something negative, take a deep breath, relax yourself and then try to see things clearer. If you still can't manage your anger or negativity, do something that you like, listen to your favorite music, or watch your favorite comedy. If you still can't handle it, just sleep on it. When you wake up, you will find yourself more at ease and ready to solve your problems, then there would be a good time to discuss your thoughts to your spouse/partner.

    You are in a long-distance relationship, that means you are not easily see him/her. Make your get-together time or electronic communications as qualified as you can. By training this to yourself, you will learn how to control emotion, that it is important to any aspect of your life even if you are in a regular relationship. Why corrupting your own mind with negativity when you can appreciate and be more grateful about your happiness in life? Listen carefully on any information you get from him/her, then work it out in your mind, and let it out with good way of communications (words and behaviors).
  6. Weigh the good and bad
    Every relationship brings changes in human lives. Remember this. Once again, long distance relationship has its own special qualification. If the distance were coming after you two starts the relationship, then you just to maintain the good communication that already compromised. But when you started this relationship from a far distance, you need to examine it. After a while, a certain of time, you need to contemplate with your self and take a good look inside your relationship.

    You need to ask yourself has it been working for you or him/her, has it makes you a better person than before, has it improves your both live?

    The most important thing to consider when it comes to relationship is that it makes you happier and fulfilling your life. Loving yourself is by letting others to love you too.

    But when the relationship brings you nothing more than despair, negativity, regress in attitude, degradation of moral behavior, than you need to think it over whether it is worth the work or not.

    This certain period of introspection, needs the two of you to discuss over a light-situation and cool headed. You both need to be true to your self. Even so that love has so many different forms, but when it's starting to be destructive, then you need to realize what is good for both of you.

    If you should ever to decide to end it for a good reason, then you need to communicate all your way of thinking in a smart way. Do not judge, do not point fingers, do not star it with a fight. Start it with a full conscious that you both an adult with intelligence ability to solve problems in the best ways. Maybe it is better for both of you if just be best-friends with good history to live your own lives separate ways but still manages to exchange good things in life together.
  7. Predicted future
    If you both mutually think that this relationship is worth trying and fighting for, then maybe it is time for you to set goals together. If you are happy with each other, improving eachother's lives, wishing that you want to spend the rest your life together, then there would a perfect answer to make it come true, by marriage.

    If you are already married in long distance situation, it is also a good time for you to strengthen you bonding with renewing your vows.

A healthy relationship makes people live happier, healthier and longer. Look into their eyes, and if you can see your self grows old with them, then it is the time for you to propose your lifetime bonding.
Talk about it, discuss all the possibilities and settlements, explore your dreams together and make it come true. When you can see the future in each other's eyes, plan it together and prepare everything thoroughly. Remember, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Let your self happy by making others happy. Love your self by letting others love you. Live your life with respect, love and achievements. Than you can see your life's perspectives before your eyes. Happiness is reachable, if you let it come into your mind and heart.

This is want it means to live forever. Your history will affect others in you life. Give the best and take the risk. It is true meaning of grateful to the life that has been giving you.

Hope this will help you to survive long distance relationship and have a happy ending story.

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Jack Strawman said...

The only way to survive a long distance relationship is to have something on the side. The other day I met this amazing woman on this dating site and we've been chatting and hooking up ever since. My wife has been gone (military) now for over 5 months, so I need to keep myself busy doing something. I'll be faithful to her once again when she gets back.

Precious said...

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Kind Regards
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lovelifeonline said...

@Jack Strawman
Well, I'm sorry but i have to disagree with you. Well everybody has their own opinion anyway..

What if... turns out that your wife also has someone while she is in military, also she is going to be faithful to you when she gets back?

I believe in 'the systems'.. when I give my husband 100% of myself then Mostly He will also give me 100% of him... If I cheat, then he probably will cheat also..

If turns out that he is cheating, then I'll find somebody else... but it's not my fault..

please don't get offended, it's just my 2 cents..

Vermont Wedding said...

I've been through this kind of relationship before and absolutely agree that the most important thing to maintain is communication and trust.

Fun Factory said...

I follow your blogg and I like it alot!

Surviging long distance relationship can be very hard but also very easy depending och what type of personality te perople involved have.

My long distance relationship has survived and now we are together after many years=)

How to catch cheating spouse said...

I have 1 word for you. Webcam.

People underestimate the internet when it comes to long distance relationships. It makes a HUGE difference when you can see and talk to your partner rather than just emailing or calling each other. can also do other things with your partner with a webcam if you know what I mean

You're a pig. I hope your wife leaves you. How can you even do that to a woman IN THE ARMY. Jesus christ you are lower than a pig.

Vintage Tops said...

Long distance relationship is ain't really easy even if you thought about it...

vistamaroc said...

i think it'depends on the first impression .
so if you meet someone for love or moeny or beauty...
you will leave hem when this is finished

single Los Angeles said...

It needs an honest commitment from both sides and it asks for patience and trust of both. One should invest in it only when you are sure to go ahead in the relationship.

Staging said...

I think communication is the best way to keep Long Distance Relationships.Surprises are always there to make your relationships long.I think one meet is required in a short time span.Amazing tips.Thanks for sharing these useful tips with us.

Get My Ex Back said...

Definitely communication is vital in long distance relationships. However I have suffered enough in one of my previous relationships and wouldn't go about making a similar relationship.


Love tips said...

Long distance relationship is not easy and not every couple can do it.

Trust and communications are very important.

ashley madison said...

I dont think its easy o keep long distance relationship alive.people need been token care.
I guess over 90 percent long distance relationship wont last long.

simmons beautyrest nxg said...

Long distance relationships are always tough to work through. If you are both willing to make the effort, it should work.

Mégane Desirmoi said...

Even with communication on a regular basis, I still find it very hard.

I currently work in India but my mate is in France ...

With gap hours and such, I wonder soem times if it would have been better to break up but then I talk to him and I don't want to lose the little sthg we have ...

Long distance sometimes leds to give up, it is just the easy and coward way ..!

Thanks for sharing !

And for those who have those kind of relationship... Cheeeeeers !!

ash | cheap candles said...

It's not easy to maintain a long distance relationship. Not all couple survive in this kind of complicated situation. Trust and communication are really important. I myself is not in favor of LDR. But the only advantage of this is that, it allows you to grow all by yourself without depending or getting attached to your partner. And most of all, you will miss each other so much.

Pregnancy Miracle said...

I was also in a long distance relationship and the information you provided above holds so true. In keeping our relationship we talk or communicate a lot as if we are just near to each other. We don't end the day without telling the story of our day and most importantly we trust each other. That whatever the other person says we believe it's true. Right now, after 3 years of long distance relationship we are together and lives happily ever after.

Turning Winds said...

Long distance relationship is a difficult situation coming from one end to the other end. Constant communication is really needed. Setting schedules of when to call is one good rule to apply. As for me sometimes instinct plays also an important part of this relationship but what you've stated like always weigh the good and the bad of it. Long distance relationship is to attest your love to each other this is a instance that you could vision how important the person is to you.

catalog printers said...

A long distance relationship takes a lot of patience and persistence. Good luck to all of those who are going through this.

Adam said...

I have had quite a few long distance relationships. i am a university student and i find i and the gfs i have had longdistance relationships are usually bound to end up in different cities after every 4 months or so.

I have maintained a 2 year relationship where 1 of the years was long distance. and currently am surviving well in about a 5 month long long distance relationship.

maintain communication: this is a must. from my experience there is almost never a day that goes by where we don't contact each other at least once even if it is just to say something really short like hello, goodnight, have a good day, i hope you had a good day. being on each others minds will help keep a good connection.

having rules works well too. i have found it works best to alternate who visits who so that one does not feel as though they do all the work to keep the relationship. i have had friends split up because of seemingly onesided efforts.

finally it really helps to be reasonable. if a relationship can't be maintained maybe other options should be pursued. However it is possible to maintain a long distance relationship in some cases!

i wish you all the best of luck

Dating Tips said...

Great Tips! Keep on posting such informative post related to dating I would like to visit your blog again and again.

cat said...

I totally disagree with Jack Strawman - you're just using your wife's absense as a reason to cheat. if she were at home with you, you'd still be getting "something on the side". you're just that type of person.

Surviving a long distance relationship takes honesty, trust and commitment, something you abviously know nothing about.

Speed dating London said...

Long distance relationships are always difficult because it is hard to create or maintain intimacy, but video chat has made it a little easier because you can at least see the person you are talking to.

Love Quotes and Sayings said...

Hey, this is Rajib. I just came to your blog for the first time and am pretty impressed with the articles. This is simply a superb post with such beneficial and effective tips to maintain a long-distance relationship healthily. Even, I might be going to face such a situation in the near future ! So, then I believe, your tips would be a handy guide for me ! And also I'll forward these tips to anyone I know who may badly need it.

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